Robotic pharmacist pic

Three Useful Innovations in Robotics

Robotic pharmacist pic

Robotic pharmacist

Benjamin (“Ben”) Perlin works at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which resells building materials at affordable prices. With a focus on disciplines such as neuroscience and computer engineering during his postsecondary education, Benjamin Perlin developed and maintains an interest in robotics.

The integration of artificial intelligence and robotics has led to the creation of useful robotic innovations, including the following:

Robotic pharmacist. Since 2011, the University of California, San Francisco, has used an automated hospital pharmacy that safely dispenses medication. The system was recognized for reducing the risk of human error, which mostly manifests itself during the selection and delivery of medication. The robotic pharmacist packages, labels, and stores the medication according to a patient’s needs.

– Japan’s robot hotel. The Henn-na Hotel in Japan integrates advanced technology to make all of its services efficient and automated. From its multilingual robot receptionists to its porter robots, Japan’s robot hotel has revolutionized customer service. The Henn-na Hotel also utilizes a face recognition program for hassle-free registration and room access.

Digital barista. Coffee company and manufacturer Briggo replaced baristas with automated coffee kiosks capable of delivering brewed coffee in less than 30 seconds. Through an online account, customers can customize their coffee preferences and order it at any Briggo machine.

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