Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society – Meetings and Workshops

Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society

Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society


Photographer and engineering enthusiast Benjamin “Ben” Perlin is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Benjamin Perlin is highly interested in robotics and has been a member of the Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society for eight years.

The Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society is a collective of robotics enthusiasts and makers of all types in Nashville, Tennessee. It welcomes anyone with an interest in robotics, whether they are professionals or completely new to the field.

Monthly meetings allow members to share their robotic projects with others in a show-and-tell format. Everyone is welcome to make a presentation, and projects are generally shared at various points throughout their creation.

Meetings are generally followed by workshops. Workshops sometimes feature formal training sessions. They often provide time and space for members to collaborate on group projects or work independently alongside fellow makers.

Meetings take place at the Adventure Science Center at 10 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month, and workshops follow at 1:30 p.m.

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SAE International Announces New Autonomous Vehicle Competition


Society of Automotive Engineers pic

`Society of Automotive Engineers
Image: sae.org

Tennessee native Benjamin “Ben” Perlin divides his time between numerous different hobbies and interests. He is a photographer, philanthropist, and engineering enthusiast. Benjamin Perlin belongs to the Middle Tennessee Robotics Club and helped build the electronics for a racecar for the Society of Automotive Engineers.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International, a global organization that promotes and develops automotive engineering and aerospace, recently announced a new competition focused on autonomous technology. Developed through a partnership with General Motors (GM), the competition is called the AutoDrive Challenge and is part of SAE International’s Collegiate Design Series. It will task college students with developing and demonstrating an autonomous driving passenger vehicle.

SAE International and GM plan to hold this competition over the course of three years. Up to 10 teams from universities will be asked to join the first AutoDrive Challenge competition and SAE International will announce these inaugural teams in April 2017. Participating students will receive a Chevrolet Bolt EV from GM to use as the platform for their vehicle and will develop cars that will allow for testing and modification. SAE International and GM hope that students will focus their designs on such technologies as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and vehicle sensors.