Film vs. Digital pic

The Film vs. Digital Camera Debate – Photograph Resolution

Film vs. Digital pic

Film vs. Digital

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Benjamin (“Ben”) Perlin spends much of his time giving back to the community as a volunteer. Beyond this, he is establishing his own photography business. As a photographer, Benjamin Perlin prefers working with film rather than digital cameras.

One of the most pressing issues for photographers remains resolution. Regardless of the format chosen, photographers want to know that their pictures will come out looking sharp. Digital and analog cameras use different systems for measuring resolution, but the two can be correlated for direction comparison.

Digital cameras rely on sensors whose sensitivity determines resolution, which is typically measured in the number of pixels. Entry-level digital cameras tend to have a resolution of about 24 megapixels. The resolution of analog cameras depends on the type of film used. Standard 35-millimeter film has a resolution between 4 and 16 megapixels.

While digital cameras may beat out 35-millimeter film, the same is not true for larger formats. Research has shown that medium-format film can capture a resolution of 400 megapixels. Even after digital scanning, the images were still between 50 and 80 megapixels. The 4×5-inch format can produce photos that are still 200 megapixels after being scanned. To get this same resolution with digital cameras, people would need to spend tens of thousands of dollars.