About Benjamin Perlin

Benjamin PerlinAs a photographer, Benjamin Perlin focuses on the art and science of taking pictures and printing them. He enjoys capturing the impermanence of life in a more permanent form, which one can hold in the hand for years to come. Benjamin Perlin uses his creative eye and vision to select a subject and choose how he wishes to portray it, then shoots, develops, and prints the photograph with that end result in mind.

Benjamin Perlin understands the importance of each step of the photographic process. He carefully chooses a camera from among the four film models and single digital model he owns, then captures the photograph. When he takes a picture on film, his preferred medium in the majority of cases, he then leverages his knowledge of darkroom techniques and developers to expose the film properly and produce the desired image.

A skilled amateur musician as well, Benjamin Perlin plays the piano and has trained with Denny Sarokin on the bass guitar. He names classic rock as his favorite musical genre, and his artistic influences range from the classic film Dr. Strangelove to the work of author Kurt Vonnegut. He pursues cultural learning as an avid traveler and has visited such varied destinations as Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and islands in the Caribbean.