How to Master Piano Songs with the Divide-and-Conquer Method

 Divide-and-Conquer Method pic

Divide-and-Conquer Method

An active member of his community, Benjamin Perlin volunteers with the Tennessee State Veterans Home and works at his local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. For recreation, Benjamin Perlin enjoys music, especially classic rock. A musician himself, Ben Perlin is a pianist.

If you’re trying to learn a new song on the piano, the best way is to divide the song into manageable pieces. Studies have shown that a human brain can focus effectively on only about four to 10 seconds of music. Therefore, you should divide practice in the same way, and focus on only a handful of measures at a time.

On the following day, focus on a second small part, and add it to the first. Eventually, you’ll be playing the entire song.

You can further break down a song by dividing the work of each hand. First, focus on the right hand, which is typically the melody.

Once that feels comfortable, focus on the left hand. Then, use both hands together. This systematic approach may seem to take more time, but ultimately it saves time by eliminating unfocused practice time.

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