Enormous Pancakes pic

Beyond Giant Pancakes – Using a Rice Cooker to Cook Enormous Pancakes


Enormous Pancakes pic

Enormous Pancakes
Image: kirbiecravings.com

Photographer, musician, and amateur roboticist Benjamin (Ben) Perlin enjoys developing film in the darkroom and working on robotics projects when he finds the time. Benjamin Perlin’s many talents also include making giant pancakes, a specialty of his.

Giant, fluffy pancakes are fun to make and delicious to eat. When you have mastered the art of the giant pancake in a skillet, consider trying to make even bigger pancakes using your rice cooker.

1. Assemble the ingredients for your favorite pancake recipe. Feel free to add extra ingredients such as bananas, nuts, or chocolate if desired. These can be mixed together directly in the removable part of the rice cooker. The mixture will rise, so be careful not to add too much batter to your rice cooker.

2. Turn the rice cooker on and wait about 45 minutes, or until the top of the pancake is cooked.

3. Remove the pancake gently with a spatula. Slice it like a cake and serve while hot.

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