Darkroom Master Pablo Inirio Shares His Process Using Iconic Photos

Magnum Photos’ Pablo Inirio

Magnum Photos’ Pablo Inirio


As a photographer, Benjamin Perlin prefers shooting on film, which he says produces results unrivaled by digital photography. While digital photography offers the convenience of fast, easy printing, Benjamin (Ben) Perlin believes that developing photos in a darkroom is a craft that good photographers must master.

One masterful darkroom printer, Magnum Photos’ Pablo Inirio, offers a view of his darkroom editing process via an article on PetaPixel.com. The article showcases side-by-side comparisons of the darkroom developer’s finished developments next to his test prints. Inirio’s test prints are covered in squiggles and notes that would make no sense to the untrained eye, but those with darkroom experience will see how Inirio expertly uses dodging and burning to make his photos pop.

Two famous photographs on which Inirio shows his development process include Dennis Stock’s James Dean in Times Square portrait, and his iconic Audrey Hepburn shot. Others examples include Thomas Hoepker’s 1966 Muhammad Ali portrait with the boxer throwing a punch at the camera, and Bob Henriques’ portrait of photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson during Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March on Washington.

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