Second Harvest Food Bank Receives Food Donations through Foodtweeks


Second Harvest Food Bank pic
Second Harvest Food Bank

Artist Benjamin Perlin contributes to his community through volunteer work. At the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Ben Perlin participates in the organization’s fundraising drives for outreach work. In addition, Benjamin Perlin also volunteers at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

The Second Harvest Food Bank is a community organization focused on distributing food and produce for impoverished communities throughout the country. Based in Silicon Valley, the organization works together with 320 partners to provide sustenance to over 250,000 people every month. In addition to food distribution, the Second Harvest Food Bank also lobbies for policies that address the root causes of hunger.

To engage community members in its advocacy, The Second Harvest Food Bank established a partnership with the creators of a mobile application called foodtweeks. Available for both Android and iPhone users, this app helps users create healthy meal plans. By using the promo code SHFBSCSM each time users “tweek” a meal plan, foodtweeks donates food containing twice the meal’s calorie content to the organization.

Through Second Harvest Food Bank’s partnership with foodtweeks, private individuals directly participate in the organization’s mission to end hunger.


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