Second Harvest Food Bank pic

Second Harvest Food Bank Volunteer Sorting at a Glance

Second Harvest Food Bank pic

Second Harvest Food Bank

A photographer, Benjamin Perlin is the owner of Ben Perlin Photography, located in Nashville, Tennessee. Benjamin Perlin has also volunteered as a sorter for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

Second Harvest Food Bank sorters are responsible for sorting, evaluating, and boxing a portion of the food donations the organization receives from local stores and supermarkets. While the workload depends on what Second Harvest has in that day, typical responsibilities include assembling food boxes for feeding programs, sorting perishable goods into the charity’s coolers, and bulking produce into portions large enough for an entire family.

Anyone 12 or older can volunteer for the sorting position, but those under 18 need a parent- or guardian-signed youth volunteer application. Since the work typically takes place in the charity’s warehouse, volunteers need warehouse-appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes. Even on warmer days, Second Harvest suggests wearing long pants and bringing a sweater, as you may end up working in the organization’s 40-degree cooler.

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