Darkroom Techniques pic

Ensuring Darkness in a Darkroom

Darkroom Techniques pic

Darkroom Techniques
Image: petapixel.com

Benjamin Perlin is a Nashville-based photographer who is dedicated to pursuing his passion. Despite the digitalization of photography, Benjamin Perlin prefers to use film and uses several advanced darkroom techniques.

Many film photographers have their own darkrooms because, while there are still commercial film labs around, maintaining a darkroom in the home is the more economical option. There are many essential elements to consider when in building a darkroom, and one of the most important is the darkness.

Ideally, a darkroom should be pitch black. However, absolute darkness is challenging to attain, especially in the home where the room can also serve other purposes. For those who are interested in ensuring the darkness of their darkroom, a good rule of thumb is that if you don’t see any light within five minutes, then the room is considered dark enough for normal usage.

Over a longer period of time, the darkroom user might notice certain light leaks, no matter how dim. These usually come from ceiling tiles and even electrical outlets. When noticed, these light leaks should be blocked. If, in any case, that the light leaks cannot be blocked, light barriers may be created using cardboard or wooden boxes.

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